Our Favorite Florida Beach Wedding Accessories

A beach wedding on Anna Maria Island is always magical. Our little slice of paradise boasts white sand beaches, beautiful sunsets, and temperate weather — all working together to set the mood for a perfect event. A few of our favorite beach wedding accessories can turn an already magical event into an unforgettable one.

Magnetic Veil Weights

You don’t want to be so focused on your veil blowing around that you can’t focus on your vows. Pick up some fashionable veil weights — small metal clips that weigh down your veil and keep it in place. Or you can skip the veil and opt for a headpiece or pinned flowers instead.


Tropical flowers bouquet for beach wedding

Bright Tropical Flowers

Your beach venue already has white sand and blue waves, now it’s time to add a splash of color with tropical flowers? Your bridesmaids can hold bouquets of deep pink and orange hues that contrast with the space around them.


Plus, these bright flowers will match the vibrant sunset that your guests enjoy as the reception party starts to heat up.

Sunscreen Favors

If you’re getting married during the day, consider giving your guests sunscreen wedding favors that they pick up before the ceremony. Even in the fall and winter, the Florida sun is strong enough to leave your guests pink.

Wedding Flip-Flops

Flip-flops also make for a great wedding favor, but also serve as a practical accessory for beach guests. Set up a display at the front of the aisle for guests to leave their shoes. No walking through the sand in heels, no sand in fancy dress shoes!


They can wear flip-flops during the ceremony and then switch back to normal shoes once they leave the sand.


Fancy bridal beach sandals

Barefoot Sandals

Dreaming of a toes-in-the-sand ceremony, but want a little more bling than a fancy pedicure? Consider looking at barefoot wedding sandals that loop around your toes and the back of your heel. The top of your foot will look like you’re wearing sandals but you can still walk down the aisle with your toes in the sand.

Baby Powder

We love the sand on Anna Maria Island, but it does stick to skin and clothing. Don’t get frustrated, just ask a bridesmaid to dust you with our secret weapon — baby powder — then head on to the next part of the day.


The right accessories add fashionable and functional elements to your Florida beach wedding. These are just a few pro tips by Anna Maria Island Venues so your guests can focus on how amazingly happy you look, not your veil blowing everywhere or the sand stuck to your dress.