Picking the Right Florida Beach Wedding Package

couple on beach

Wedding packages are a popular option for couples who want every aspect of their wedding taken care of in one decision. With one selection, you can lock down the venue, decor, flowers, and even the food just by picking the package you want.

While wedding packages are convenient, they aren’t always easy to choose from. Follow these six steps to find the best Florida beach wedding package for your big day.

Set a Budget Before Your Begin

One of the biggest challenges for couples is to stay within budget. There are so many options that it’s easy to spend thousands more than you planned if you’re not careful. Some venues and resorts have wedding packages for less than a thousand dollars, while other packages exceed $10,000. Set a budget before you begin so your honeymoon spending cash doesn’t get swept away on the ceremony.

Discover the Best Place to Tie the Knot

Florida has incredibly diverse cultures and eco-systems that vary by location. The Atlantic side has rough waves for surfing while the Gulf coast is calm, clear and made for relaxation. Visit a few spots around the state, or even different beaches in the same city, to find the perfect Florida beach wedding location for your nuptials.

Determine How Big Your Wedding Will Be

Oftentimes, your budget will be based on your wedding size. If you want an intimate ceremony with a handful of people, then you can set a smaller budget. However, if there will be dozens of family members and friends from across the country, then you need a bigger venue. You’ll also need more chairs, more tables, more food and drink … you’ll need a budget that accommodates those factors. Once you have your wedding size and venue set you can start venue shopping.

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Find the Best Time of the Year and Week to Wed

Florida is a tropical paradise for many, but that doesn’t mean some months aren’t better than others. Summer heat can lead to sweaty guests, while daily rain during hurricane season can wash out your toes-in-the-sand wedding. Try to visit your potential venues during the season of your wedding to make sure the weather matches what you want on your big day. Even better, make sure your venue has an inclement weather back-up pan.

Also, ask about package prices for off-days, like weekday weddings. You might be able to book the month you want at a lower price if you get married during the week instead of on the weekend.

Ask What is Included and What is Extra

Extras and inclusions can make or break your wedding budget. You might find the perfect venue at an ideal price, but then end up paying extra to rent chairs, tables, and other decorations. Seek out multiple venues and packages to learn what comes standard with most weddings so you can spot the companies that are trying to nickel and dime you into paying more.

Look for Extra Services That You Want

Find a wedding package that reflects your values. For example, if you want an eco-friendly wedding, make sure the reception won’t have plastic plates and utensils. You can also avoid balloons and other decorations that could pollute the beach you are wed on.

Planning a wedding is all about knowing what you want. If you have a clear vision for your big day, then you can pick the right package for your needs. The team at Anna Maria Island Venues can help you find the best package for your budget and the big day.