Wedding Anniversary Ideas to Celebrate Your Significant Other

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Your wedding anniversary is a time to set aside the chaos of life, work and parenting to reconnect with your spouse. You celebrate each other and renew your excitement to enjoy wedded bliss in the years to come. Some couples celebrate with quiet dinners together, while others share extravagant gifts and host events. Each couple is unique – what matters is that you find the best anniversary option for you.  

If you’re not sure what to do for your upcoming anniversary, don’t worry! We are here to help you think of the best gift or celebration ideas. Check out a few of our wedding anniversary ideas to wow your spouse. 

Which Anniversaries Should You Celebrate?

Most couples focus on the major anniversaries and save up to do something big during those years. These typically include milestones like five years, 10 years, 20 years, and 25 years of marriage. Each anniversary year comes with specific gift ideas that correlate with it. For example:

  • Year One: Paper, a clock or timepiece
  • Year Five: Wood or silverware
  • Year Ten: Tin or diamond jewelry 
  • Year Twenty: China or platinum  

There are two options to choose from, one modern and one traditional. You don’t always need to stay with the traditional route, and many couples prefer to have two options to choose from when giving gifts. A couple could exchange tickets to an event for paper or nice watches that match their personalities. 

You can decide how you want to celebrate each year and when you want to start planning for your major milestones.  

Get Creative With Your Gift Ideas

The traditional and modern wedding anniversary ideas are meant to serve as guidelines for couples to find gifts for each other. However, you can also think outside of the box for your gifts. 

For example, instead of giving a watch for the first year (which is paper or a clock), you could give your significant other your time and spend a weekend away together. For the fifth anniversary of wood, you could celebrate by buying a house together (if it has a wood frame) or by planting a tree in your backyard. Some couples love the challenge of thinking of unique ideas each year and even make gift-giving a friendly competition. 

Find the Right Location to Make Your Anniversary Memorable

Your anniversary isn’t limited to gifts. You can give each other experiences and create even more memories to commemorate another year together. Some couples will return to the location of their wedding every year (or every few years) to relive the memories. If you were married at one of our Anna Maria Island Venues, you can whisk your significant other away to the spot where you first exchanged vows. 

Other couples will enjoy a Florida staycation and drive to a nearby beach to spend the weekend together in a nice hotel. Even if you only drive a few miles down the road, you can see our beautiful coast with new eyes and fall in love all over again. Vacations are great if your significant other “seems to have everything” or is picky about certain gifts.  

Have Fun With Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Your wedding anniversary is meant to be a time to celebrate, not a time to stress. Once you start thinking about all of the possibilities and options available to you, you can get creative and come up with an outstanding anniversary plan. Have fun with your spouse this year and toast to spending the rest of your lives together!

If you’re looking to celebrate a big anniversary with friends and family, see what our venues on Anna Maria Island have to offer.

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