Why Your Family Needs a Family Reunion

Beach Family Reunion
It’s not uncommon for families to spread out across the country. New job opportunities or exciting adventures pull people into different cities and states. Over time, a family might rely on video calls and holiday cards for updates on their once-close cousins, aunts, and siblings. 

But a family reunion can change all of that. They can bring relatives together who may not have seen each other for several years and help new family members feel welcome. From a simple afternoon get-together to a weeklong getaway, learn why (and how) you should put together a reunion for your family. 

Help Your Kids Understand Where They Come From

Family reunions can connect the next generation to their past. From kids hearing stories about the family history and trying recipes that have been passed down over the years, family reunions help kids form identities about who they are. Even hearing funny stories about their parents getting into trouble as teenagers can provide kids with a sense of belonging and connection with their immediate family members. Your children will know who they are because of their family members.  

Get Back in Touch with Relatives

Whether you fell out of touch with your relatives because they moved away or because life got in the way, a family reunion is a great place to catch up with those you love and miss. Families can play volleyball by the beach or relax by the pool and enjoy some much-needed time together. Some families even spend hours telling stories and filling in gaps in time.

We all wish we could keep in touch throughout the year, but it’s not always possible. Family reunions allow you to set aside time to check in with people you love.   

Spend Time with Aging Relatives 

Time is precious, and a family reunion can bring people from across the state (or country) to share their time for a few more hours. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren can get to know their grandparents and older aunts and uncles. Older relatives can meet new significant others of younger relatives. Everyone can share how much they love each other and mean to each other. 

Family reunions are meant to be fun – but they are also an important time to set aside the stress of life and focus on family. 

Create New Memories to Bring Everyone Together

One of the best parts of a family reunion is being able to create new memories along with celebrating old ones. Families can leave the reunion with funny stories, breathtaking adventures with cousins, and fond memories with older relatives. This allows you to look forward to the next event when everyone comes together.   

Tips to Throw a Successful Family Reunion

While family reunions are important, your family may avoid them if they’re not done well. You may isolate certain family members who can’t travel, or simply don’t want to return home to where your family grew up. Follow these tips to throw a fun family reunion that draws people in:

  • Give plenty of notice. If relatives need to travel, give them at least a year to save money, make travel plans, and take time off of work. 
  • Choose an exciting destination. Consider a beach family reunion where people can build a fun vacation around seeing their family members.
  • Find the best month for a reunion. The time of year can make or break your reunion. Try to find a time when most people can visit – when kids are out of school and adults can take vacation time off work – to ensure maximum attendance. 
  • Look for group rates in hotels. This will make your destination family reunion more affordable.  
  • Plan fun activities. From family volleyball tournaments to sunset strolls on the beach, create a list of activities and group events that people can enjoy.  
  • Make sure there is something for everyone. Little kids and older relatives alike should have something they can enjoy at the reunion. 

You can make your family reunion one of the best vacations that your relatives have had. See how Anna Maria Island venues can provide the perfect setting for your event. With a little planning, you will be laughing in the waves and soaking up the sun with relatives who you haven’t seen in years.

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